Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Development Plan

Academy Development Plan Priorities 2022-2023


Quality of Education 
Behaviour and Attitudes 
Personal Development 
Effectiveness of Leadership and Management 
Early Years 
Development of hub/ community  

Firmly embed instructional coaching for teachers and introduced the same for support staff. 

Improve attendance and PA across the whole academy to get back to pre-Covid rates. 

To continue to embed the pupil leadership roles within the academy. 

To develop the impact and accountability of leaders across the academy. 

To introduce the Oasis best practice curriculum into Nursery and Reception. 

To introduce a foodbank and nearly new uniform shop within the academy 

To embed the new Oasis curriculum and increase the contextualisation to our local area. 

Embed the new Oasis behaviour and ethos strategy and contextualise it to OA Ryelands. 

To further improve the take up of enrichment clubs to ensure to ensure that every child is part of a club. 

To use the executive model to make further positive links between the two schools. 

To further improve pencil grip and letter formation so children increase their proficiency. 

To be part of the Hub pilot mentoring project.  

To train and introduce the new phonics scheme of work. 



To further improve communication with parents/carers through digital networking. 

Introduce the Seesaw app to further improve communication between home and school. 


To embed the application of reasoning and problem solving into everyday practice.