Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Development Plan

Academy Development Plan Priorities 2020-21

Quality of Education

  1. Develop effective interventions that ensure pupils catch up and keep up particularly disadvantaged children.
  2. To develop confidence in Monster phonics and our spelling program.
  3. To review times table provision and establish a whole school approach.
  4. To continue to develop outdoor learning as part of a broad and balanced curriculum
  5. To increase the overall percentage of Greater Depth in RWM, combined and science in line with National averages. Specially to increase the percentage of Disadvantaged pupils reaching Greater Depth.

Behaviour & Attitudes

  1. Improve attendance across the whole academy.
  2. To continue to embed a consistent high standard of behaviour in lessons, playground and around the school building
  3. To introduce the Ryelands Learning Powers into the curriculum to help children understand the importance of these values in their learning.

Personal Development

  1. Children are active citizens both locally and globally
  2. To recruit and train Pupil Wellbeing champions to ensure that children can support one another with the support of designated adults in the school.

Leadership & Management

  1. Implementation of the Powerful Action Steps Programme across the whole school, with instructional coaching strategies alongside pedagogy variation and personalised learning.
  2. To implement phase research projects and discuss the impact of these and whether they should become whole school initiatives as a result of the outcome.
  3. Evaluate revised curriculum as part of an ongoing review process.  Edit and amend as necessary.
  4. Develop the impact and accountability of subject leaders to ensure teachers are continually building on developing their subject knowledge and pedagogy over time.

Early Years

  1. To provide a highly stimulating environment with an organisation of the curriculum that provides rich, varied and imaginative experiences.
  2. To ensure that children are highly motivated and eager to join in, demonstrating curiosity, imagination and concentration.
  3. Ensure that the role play are is highly stimulating environment and exceptional organisation of the curriculum provides rich, varied and imaginative experiences. 

Development of Hub

  1. To develop the role of the community Hub within Ryelands.
  2. To increase the amount of community events within the academy.

Oasis Offer focus areas

  1. To ensure the entitlement passports offer the focus areas from the One Plan.
  2. To ensure the children have access to the elements from the One Plan.