Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Development Plan

Academy Development Plan Priorities 2020-21

Quality of Education

Behaviour and Attitudes

Personal Development

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

Early Years

Development of hub/ community







Through Powerful Action Steps (PAS) continue to monitor and coach teachers; to further develop high quality first teaching, appropriate challenge and adequate support for pupils.

Improve attendance across the whole academy.

Develop the role of the well-being champions so that they upon the pupil voice of their peers.

To develop the senior leadership team in light of new personal and curriculum changes.

To develop the new Oasis Early Years curriculum and the new assessment procedures.

To restore and further develop the amount of community events within the academy as the Covid-19 restrictions allow.

Develop effective interventions that ensure pupils catch up and keep up, especially the disadvantage children.

Introduce and embed the new Oasis behaviour and ethos strategy.

Create leadership roles for pupils so that they have an impact in the local community and globally.

To develop the impact and accountability of subject leaders.

Training staff in the new phonic curriculum; ensuring that grip and control is taught alongside sound and letter formation.

To have a coordinate approach between the community events being offered by the Ashburton Hub and publicise them.

To utilise the new Horizon project to capitalise on the formative assessment to aid on-going assessment for learning.

To continue to develop working practices with outside agencies to support the attitudes of key vulnerable groups.

To raise the aspirations of pupils in their learning journey through the new curriculum.

Develop the strategies and activities around well-being.

To have clear monitor procedures that all children are engaged and exploring all areas of the learning environment.


To develop outside learning and enrichment opportunities.






To implement the new Oasis pilot curriculum and relate it to Ryelands context.