Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Development Plan

Oasis Academy Ryelands SEI Plan Priorities 2018-2019

Leadership and Management

P1.1 To sustain ‘effective safeguarding’ and challenge all other local agencies to be robust in contextual OAR safeguarding practice (CSE/CMIE).

P1.2 To ensure Academy’s finances are sustainable in 2018-19 and beyond with balanced in year budget position.

P1.3 To continue to develop leadership at all levels so that leaders are supported, challenged and held accountable for their respective areas and to ensure consistency across all phases and subjects.

P1.4 To embed a broad and balanced curriculum across the school which provides meaningful relevant experiences for all children


Teaching, Learning and Assessment

P2.1 Effectively assess pupils in all subject areas to accurately evaluate progress.

P2.2 To focus on improving the science curriculum.

P2.3 To increase reading outcomes across the academy especially those at greater depth.

P2.4 To raise the standard of basic skills such as spelling, times tables, questioning and handwriting.

P2.5 Ensure that intervention groups are effective and impact on children’s learning.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

P3.1 To raise attendance to 97% and reducing persistent absence to below 4.5% and diminishing gaps between disadvantaged pupils and white British compared with all as well as promoting punctuality.

P3.2 To continue to promote and actively encourage pupil voice.

P3.3 Develop and prioritise staff wellbeing

P3.4 Promotion of Healthy lifestyles - To ensure that children are aware of keeping healthy through continuing to work on aspects of the London Healthy Schools agenda

P3.5 Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) - To develop a positive approach to school ethos, relationships, inclusivity, understanding of the world and well-being.


Pupil Outcomes

P4.1 To ensure that achievement in Reading, Writing and Maths exceeds the national average progress measures and exceeds national expectations.

P4.2 To ensure that all pupils make sustained and rapid progress from their starting points particularly key groups (disadvantaged children, SEND and boys) so that the gap is between other children and disadvantaged children is diminished


Early Years

P5.1 To broaden children's risk taking opportunities through outdoor learning.

P5.2 To increase parental and carers engagement in all aspects of school life.

P5.3 To continue to develop children’s verbal interactions.

P5.4 To raise the standard of basic skills in the Early Years.