Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Safeguarding Programme for Parents/Carers

Year 2022-2023

Over the year, our Learning Mentor, Louise Eaves, will be delivering safeguarding presentations to parents. See the table below to know which topic will be covered each term. If you would like support in these areas sooner, please contact Louise Eaves via the office email and she will get in touch.

Date & Time of Session 2.30pm

Safeguarding Topic
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This topic includes:

Autumn 1


Safeguarding your child and ‘Pants are Private’

Protecting and promoting the well-being of your child; child protection; who does what; what you can do.

Autumn 2


Staying safe online

What children do online and through social networking;  the risks and dangers; online games; setting up parental controls; talking to your child about staying safe online.

Spring 1


Peer on Peer – including harassment between children

What is peer on peer abuse? Facts and figures and how best to support your child to avoid it.

Spring 2


Mental Health and well being

Ways in which parents can support the physical and emotional well-being of their child.

Summer 1


Domestic Violence

What to do if you are suffering from domestic violence and where support can be found in the local area.

Summer 2


 Transitions and behaviour

How you can support your child transitioning to secondary school and different year group. Support for behaviour of children at home.