Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Leadership

We feel it is important for our young people to feel empowered and have a say in how they feel aspects of the Academy should be run. Therefore, we offer are a wide range of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles.

Our successful Pupil Parliament is a well-respected body within the school and consists of 12 pupils between Years 2 and 6. Children involved in our Pupil Parliament meet regularly to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them and their learning environment. As part of their responsibilities, the team organise their own meetings, decide on an agenda, share new ideas and vote on a number of school-related issues.

Pupils have recently taken decisions on how to reward the winners of the golden tickets and put together a list of charities and events the school will be supporting this year. Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life and enjoy making their voices heard.

Our pupil-elected members are:

  • Joshua - Eagle
  • Shaneisa - Hawk
  • Ayaan - Heron
  • Hadar - Raven
  • Sarai - Magpie
  • Nickacia - Owl
  • Mia - Woodpecker
  • Dithusha - Kingfisher
  • Keelan - Goldfinch
  • Amelia - Chaffinch

Head Boy – Kieran

Head Girl – Bethan


Our Prefects this year are:

  • Rihanna - Eagle
  • Myalei - Hawk
  • Bethan - Eagle
  • Maisey - Hawk
  • Urte - Hawk
  • Gabrielle - Eagle
  • Mareeqah- Eagle
  • Kieran - Hawk
  • Richard - Hawk
  • Jazara- Hawk
  • Emil - Eagle
  • Devid - Hawk