Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Leadership

We feel it is important for our young people to feel empowered and have a say in how they feel aspects of the Academy should be run. Therefore, we offer are a wide range of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles.


Academy MPs 

Our successful Academy MPs is a well-respected body within the school and consists of 12 pupils between Years 2 and 6. The chosen MPs are selected in a democratic vote to have the role to be the voice of their year group. Relaying pupil voice from their year group to the academy SLT and vice versa. They will be building linking with other Academy MPs in the region and across the Trust to share best practice. Selected pupils are strong role models and able they are able to represent their peers. 

Academy MPs meet twice a half term to discuss topics, issues and initiatives that affect them and their learning. As part of their responsibilities, the team meet regularly, share new ideas and vote on a number of school-related issues. They also meet termly with the RD and National Lead. 

Pupils relish the opportunity to become a greater part of school life and enjoy making their voices heard.  

Our Academy MP members are: 

Goldfinch - David
Chaffinch - Ruby
Kingfisher - Eliza
Woodpecker - Romero
Owl - Reese
Magpie - Innayah
Heron - Ethan
Raven - Shakai
Eagle - Alice
Hawk - Amelia


Mini SLT

The role of Mini SLT is to enact the role of the SLT in the academy. Each member has an area to focus on linked to the LOP and Curriculum Statement of Intent. Pupils must be approachable and a strong role model to others in the school. 

Head Boy: Nana and Head Girl: Evie who will be working closely with Mr Lillo overseeing Leadership and Management.

Kayla and Troy who will be working with Mrs Read overseeing at Teaching and Learning across the school.

Beatriz and Scarlett who will be working with Mrs Shukla overseeing Safeguarding and Attendance.

Felix and Georgia who will be working with Miss Champion looking at Inclusion.


9 Habit Champions

To help us in this process of personal growth and development we have the Oasis 9 Habits. It is our bespoke and unique approach to character development. We know that by living the way of the Habits, the Oasis Ethos will become second nature to us.  

We also believe that this process of continually developing our character and being transformed to become the best version of ourselves is really important for every student and staff member alike. Therefore, we actively promote and practice the Oasis 9 Habits which are an invitation to a way of life characterised by being compassionate, patient, humble, joyful, honest, hopeful, considerate, forgiving and self-controlled.  

We believe that by becoming people who live this way, by becoming the best version of ourselves, whether we are a staff member or students, we are transformed, and we are also able to play our part in bringing transformation locally, nationally and globally.  

For this, children from Years 2 to 6 have been elected to become 9 Habit Champions. These children demonstrate the habits in all that they do in school and the wider community. They will support and encourage other pupils to do the same. The children work closely with Mrs Shukla and Miss Turner to ensure that all pupils feel safe within the academy. They will be a pupil voice for their peers and feedback to the DSL. The chosen children are: 

Goldfinch - Rassiah
Chaffinch - Gwen
Kingfisher - Elsie
Woodpecker - Hazel
Owl - Eloise
Magpie - Tiwa
Heron - Stanley
Raven - Sophia
Eagle - Amalia-Elena
Hawk - Mey

Children meet with the DSL and PSHE lead every two weeks looking at how these habits are taught to the children, safety in school and how the habits can become embedded within our everyday lives. 


Digital Leaders 

The digital leaders are a group of KS2 children who are responsible for helping children in their classes with issues around computing, online safety and digital literacy. They come together to discuss skills they need help to develop within their classes. They also talked to the school about online safety, including running an assembly, and work to identify online safety issues that might need addressing across school.  Our Digital Leaders are:

Kingfisher - Lenny
Woodpecker - Amari
Owl - Rimel
Magpie - Denaye
Heron - Dorothy
Raven - Martin
Eagle - Nikola
Hawk - Kyrelle


Well-being Champions

In KS2 we have a Wellbeing Champion per class. The group meets once a week to discuss and plan small activities in class and in the playground throughout the week to help support Wellbeing. They carry out questionnaires with their classes so that the Champions can gain a better understanding of what our children here at Ryelands need in order to maintain their happy, healthy mental wellbeing.

Our 8 KS2 children are the children’s listening ears and voice, as we know children sometimes prefer to speak to their peers rather than an adult. Champions work together to come up with new ideas and solutions to issues that may arise in the classroom and on the playground. They offer hints and tips for better mental health, and they get great satisfaction out of being able to help their peers which in turn, helps with their own mental wellbeing. 

Our Wellbeing Champions are:

Kingfisher - Mila
Woodpecker - Cassius
Owl - Farley
Magpie - Elodie
Heron - Sia
Raven - Karen
Eagle - Anabia
Hawk - Gabriela


Eco Champions

We have 12 Eco Champions across the school, from Year 1 all the way up to Year 6. The purpose of the Eco Champions is to ensure that our school is doing all it can to be as sustainable as possible. The children are taking on the role as leaders to push our school and local community to be greener, take responsibility and show respect to our environment and the world we live in. The children take on a hands- on approach to this by ensuring that classrooms are 'powering down' when not in use by switching off lights, whiteboards and sockets. We will be working collaboratively to develop our allotment by planting new trees and growing fruit and vegetables that we can use in school. A huge project for us is recycling and litter around the school and in the local community, our aim is to be a fully recycling school by the end of 2023 ensuring that we recycle paper, plastic and food waste correctly. 

Our Eco Champions are: 

Sparrow - Max
Starling - Gus
Goldfinch - King
Chaffinch - Jonny
Kingfisher - Scarlett
Woodpecker - Alexander
Owl - Daphne
Magpie - Edith
Heron - Joshua
Raven - Maria
Eagle - Timothy
Hawk - Fayth


Physical Health Champions

In KS2, Sports Leaders have been meeting each week to change the new playground 'Craze of the Week' and meeting every two weeks to discuss PE related issues. Coach Marcus has delivered training on leading and encouraging active play and this is helping our Ryelands Sports Leaders to run 'Being active' events, lead games in the playground and organise competitions and assemblies. 

Our leaders are positive, enthusiastic and proactive. We aim to develop positive and active playtimes - communicating and resolving issues - therefore, helping all pupil's wellbeing.

Our Physical Health Champions are:

Kingfisher - Ida
Woodpecker - Cameron
Owl - Freya
Magpie - Hakeem
Heron - Amelia
Raven - Jack
Eagle - Ethan
Hawk - Kaishana