Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Local Partnerships

Alongside the work our Hub does for the community, we ensure that as an academy we are building strong and lasting local partnerships. We understand the value these partnerships in being able to offer our students a full range of support services and opportunities for their development, whether that is linking with a youth club for social support and confidence building or local businesses for experience and insight into the working world. 

Our partnerships include:

Teach First

Our mission is to end inequality in education by building a community of exceptional leaders who create change within classrooms, schools and across society. 

Everyone can remember one incredible teacher that made a real difference to their life. We train and support committed individuals to become inspirational classroom leaders in low-income communities across England and Wales. These classroom leaders change lives. They help young people believe in themselves, and empower them to build a future they may not have believed possible. 

Each year, a new group of participants joins us and our university partners for six weeks of intensive training before teaching in one of our partner schools for at least two years while completing our Leadership Development Programme. Their training and their passion for educational equality means that they are dedicated to raising the aspirations of the young people in their classrooms.

More than half of those who successfully complete the two-year programme continue to teach. Some set up social enterprises, some become school governors and others champion the importance of education within policy or business. But, no matter where they end up, they are all dedicated to supporting young people achieve, not just in the classroom, but in life.


Crystal Palace Football Club

Crystal Palace FC Foundation provides schools with comprehensive support for the delivery of their Physical Education and extra-curricular sporting activities at all Key Stages.

This support comes in the form of specialist coaches, providing specific lesson plans that include differentiation, special educational needs guidance, assessment for learning and OFSTED guided notes. Our extra-curricular provision can cover all sports, in the form of breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs and also specific football team coaching for all age groups.

Many primary schools have used part of their primary sport premium to fund coaching time, which can include all of the above and also continuous professional development for teachers, special events and consultancy work.


RM Easimaths

Enjoy maths at home

Maths is a skill that can be developed both in school and at home, and can easily be made fun and engaging, even a part of everyday play. Who hasn't counted the toys in and out of the box, or tried subtracting one fish finger from lunch? And we all know that children respond more positively to something that feels like play rather than work! With RM Easimaths, parents and carers can support their children in activities and exercises that are consistent with how they learn in class and with the built-in support materials, parents and children can work through challenges together. Parents and carers can also be confident that their child's progress is being carefully monitored with the built-in reporting tools, and the work is being personalised for their child's individual ability level.

Fun characters and a user-friendly interface make RM Easimaths feel more like playing a game with new friends rather than learning. This can be a strong motivator to keep learning and improve their skills. Keeping pupils wanting to participate, just 10 to 15 minutes per day, 3 to 5 times per week can deliver great improvements rather than concentrated, drawn out sessions. RM Easimaths is jam-packed full of fun activities that can be great for whole-class teaching or individual work The characters that guide you through RM Easimaths are colourful and quirky, and appealing to a range of ages. So the software does the hard work for you by making maths enjoyable.

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Mathematics Mastery

Our curriculum encourages learning that builds. Key mathematical concepts are taught and then applied and connected to other areas of learning throughout the year and beyond. This approach deepens understanding, and consolidates knowledge and skills.


London South Bank University

Since 2007 we have been working with primary and secondary schools in London, and due to the success of our efforts, we now have over fifty longstanding partnerships, many of which have incorporated Mandarin teaching into their curriculum. Our work in schools provides pupils and students with the unique opportunity to learn Mandarin and to participate in diverse cultural activities, and we hope such active engagements will help them develop a strong sense of international awareness and cultural understanding.


Chess in Schools and Communities

Chess in Oasis Academy Ryelands has surpassed my expectations. I had thought that our children would learn to play chess and that it would be a great skill for life - being able to forward plan and think beyond what can be seen. However, our children learning chess has enabled them to have self-control, they not only enjoy chess but really look forward to when you come along.

It has taught perseverance thinking logically and also taught them how to lose! The class that are learning to play chess has many challenges - some learning, some behaviour and some concerning low self-esteem (put together with some children having to learn English as an additional language) - they are not only coping well with learning to play chess but are coping well with the challenges of learning beyond chess.


Full Circle Support

Full Circle Support delivers an Emotional and Behavioural Wellbeing service in schools which supports children and young people aged 5 to 18 years, who have emotional and behavioural difficulties.  Our service works on levels 2 and 3 of the Child Concern Model and has links into statutory services at level 4.

Children are referred to our service because they have emotional and behaviour problems in school or home, peer problems, at risk of exclusion, poor school attendance, bereavement, concerns about the transition to secondary school etc.

Our therapists provide a range of work including:

  • Direct work with the child
  • Small group work with children on issues such as self-esteem, anger management / social skills, bereavement, transition, friendship etc.
  • Weekly Drop ins for children
  • One-to-one /group
  • Working with families

Our therapeutic approaches are:

Talking therapy, Art and play therapy and solution focused therapy

Referrals for our service are accepted from SENCOs, school staff and Parents / carers. We also actively encourage self-referrals from children.

Who is eligible for Full Circle?

Any child requiring emotional support for any reason.

Any questions?

You are welcome to talk to the Full Circle Project Manager; either face to face or via telephone. Gifty Tweneboa is our School Project Manager and Counsellor.

She can be found in school:  Monday 9am-3pm and Tuesday 9am-3pm

Contact: 020 8656 8165 or ask for Gifty at the Front Desk.



Oasis Acdemy Ryelands have been given the opportunity to receive some funding for books. This is thanks to This organisation gives people the opportunity to further their career in various job roles including working for the emergency services.Please have a look at their website: