Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Careers Guidance

Here at Oasis Academy Ryelands one of our main goals is:

To raise aspiration amongst students and ensure that all students make the best possible progress

We work hard to ensure students take their future destination very seriously, and are well informed.  We make young people aware of the transferable skills needed to be employable and how they are developing these every day through activities both in and out of school.

We should start young: We introduce our children to the world of work through developing self-awareness, opportunity awareness and giving them the chance to meet and question adults about their work;

Collaboration is key: We work with Oasis Academy Arena and all schools within the Shirley Park Hub to develop a Community Hub.

How Oasis Academy Ryelands brings the working world into our school:

  • Visits to Kidzania where the children have to earn their money by completing 'real life jobs' for Kidzo currency and begin to think about future careers
  • Metro Bank visit in school and welcome our children into branch to show them how the money system works and how to budget effectively
  • Tesco visits to show how the bakery runs and the expectations of the people who run businesses
  • Visitors into school to talk about their careers and how they got to that point; these include police officers, firefighters, forensic scientists, authors and librarians
  • University prospectuses in Year 6 book corners to show what the future can hold and how broad it can be
  • Visit a university to observe and discuss all aspects of further education.

Careers Week

In a flash, primary school becomes secondary and then some big decisions need to be made regarding the future; but did we all know what we wanted to do when it came to making those exam choices? To support all children in thinking about their futures and the careers they might follow, we invite parents to host a short talk and question and answer session during Careers Week. All children may attend these sessions, or not, depending on their field of interest and no age limit is in place. So, whether you’re in Year 1 and you want to find out about being a firefighter or Year 6 with a passion for theatre production, there will be a session for you to attend to find out more. The sheer wealth and variety of occupations within our school was incredible to discover; the sharing of life experiences and learning journeys benefit both the children and those adults who are now supporting the next generation.