Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Our flourishing enrichment programme provides around fifteen activities every term with nearly one hundred and fifty children attending each term. We use pupil voice to see what types of clubs are popular as we like to keep up with the trends.

Across the school we ensure that each of our young people has the opportunity to new, exciting and educationally rich experiences. Whether that is being part of the academy leadership team, having visitors from the community come in to give workshops, lessons and assemblies, joining school clubs or going on special educational visits. It is our promise to our children that they will be offered these opportunities and hopefully leave Ryelands with both fond and exciting memories of their time with us. 

The below tables show what we have had on offer:


  Autumn Spring Summer

To have a candle lit bedtime story and hot chocolate.
To meet an owl close up.
To sing a song to an audience.

To grow a seed.
To cook savoury and sweet treats.

To hold a chick.
To perform in a parent assembly.


To join the library.
To perform in a Christmas production.

To make a Spring nest to eat.
To observe the life cycle of a butterfly.

To observe eggs hatching.
To observe an animal in their natural habitat.
To have a picnic.

Year 1

To give back to our community by donating clothes or food.
To act in a nativity play.

To see a professional performance of dance or theatre.
To meet a real-life hero – emergency services.

To attend an after-school club.
To take a selfie in front of a London landmark.

Year 2

To taste foods from our Oasis country – India.
To watch a theatre production.

To dress up as a Victorian.
To learn how to sew.
To plant in our allotment.

To perform a learned poem by heart.
To raise money for a community cause.

Year 3

To create a self-portrait and explore our identity.
To find different soils and rocks in the Country Park.

To learn how to survive in the wilderness.
To organise and run a clothes/toy swap.

To grow and care for a plant.
To sing and perform to an audience.

Year 4

To dress up as an Ancient Greek.
To meet a Roman Centurion.

To see wild animals.
To make a healthy soup.

To have a night away from home.
To wear white and take part in a Holi celebration.

Year 5

To eat African food.
To build a ship.

To create a sculptural piece of art.
To be an activist for the day.
To become a field investigator.

To visit a secondary school.
To run a mile.

Year 6

To interview a member of the Windrush generation.
To dissect a heart.
To dress as a Victorian.

To visit an art gallery.
To be trained as a First Aider.

To ride a roller coaster.
To perform in a large-scale production.