Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Our aim is to ensure access and entitlement to the benefits of a high quality child centered nursery education on a fair and equitable basis. 

We have 52* spaces available in our Nursery based on 26 children in each session. The government funds children for 15 hours per week and for certain children/families, 30 hours.

Our Nursery is available to children from age 3-4. We have a major intake of pupils at the start of each term. We stagger the intake over the first 2 weeks of term to allow for a smooth transition for each of our young people. 


Allocation of preferred sessions

Parents/carers will be asked to give preferences with regards to their session options when they apply for a place. Account will be taken of any preference expressed by parents/carers, but preferences will be allocated subject to availability and are not guaranteed. If the preferred session is unavailable, the child will be offered an alternative session.

How do i know if i am eligible for funding support?

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