Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Our Learning Environment

We are proud of our Nursery and all of the learning areas we have to offer our children.  

Our children are able to explore and enjoy our compact outdoor area, with gardening, sand building and colourful tyre tracks. Inside you can find a make believe play area and creative corner for when our young people want to express themselves. You will also see that we have a special area for your children to sit and read. 

We ensure that all of our play areas are kept safe and clean. The toys and resources provided are all in line with what we teach in the EYFS curriculum and latest research in child development. 

We have toilets and changing facilities on site. 

Learning Resources

We want to share what we are teaching your child with you. It takes a community to help raise a child well, and we believe that in working with our parents and carers we can ensure that each child is getting the opportunities they deserve to consolidate their learning and take it with them as they grow up. 

Here you will find information leaflets and learning resources!

Healthy hair     Bedwetting     Getting to school safely     Supporting your child's reading at home     Play dough recipe     My alphabet mat     Number worksheet     2D shape mat     0-10 number line     Nursery Rhymes