Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Award-winning Oasis Academy Ryelands gains another national accreditation

Award-winning Oasis Academy Ryelands gains another national accreditation

The accolade is the platform for the thriving primary school to continue providing mental health support.

A primary school in the heart of Croydon will continue its work and efforts to support the mental health and wellbeing of its pupils and staff after winning a national award.

Oasis Academy Ryelands, situated in Oakley Road, Croydon has been presented with the Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS) following a thorough accreditation process by Optimus Education.

To gain this accreditation the school must provide a portfolio evidence-based submission demonstrating its collective commitment to mental health and wellbeing as a key driver central to the work to the school community.

Glenn Lillo, Principal at Oasis Academy Ryelands, commented saying; “A connected school community is what we strive for at Oasis Academy Ryelands, and I am extremely proud that the academy’s well-being team, staff and pupils have been recognised nationally for the efforts in promoting and improving mental health and wellbeing outcomes across the community.”

After many months of work and through a pandemic which presented several challenges, the academy achieved the award on 21st May this year and will keep this for the next three years.

The verification report has allowed the school to consider what it does well and has enabled it to reflect on what can be improved upon further still.

The opening of the report reads; “The school has effectively audited its EWMH provision and its considered response reflects its understanding of the value of supporting the wellbeing of the school community and a commitment to ongoing improvement.”

It continued to read; “The school’s PSHE curriculum is child-led and flexible and incorporates weekly surveys and circle time discussions.” And “Pupils and parents are positive about the support the school provides. Pupils can point to things that they have learnt in PSHE lessons and mindfulness sessions and identify particularly strategies that help them to support their own MH.”