Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Science Week

Science Week

Science Week at Oasis Academy Ryelands was spent doing experiments, outdoor learning, investigations and becoming detectives.

Wow what a week! Every class dived deep into science through all the different core and foundation subjects. Even though some of the outdoor learning sessions had to be cancelled due to bad weather, we were happy to welcome parents into the school to see all the fantastic learning we have been doing.

Nursery: This week, Nursery have done lots of fun experiments. They made Skittles rainbows, did the explosive cola and Mentos experiment and made elephant toothpaste, slime and shadow puppets. What an amazing week!

Reception: The children have had a fantastic Science Week; we have linked our learning to this half term’s topic of 'Once Upon A Time'. This week, the children have been reading the story The Three Little Pigs. We have focused our learning on materials, discussing questions such as 'Are they natural?' and 'Where do they come from?' The children enjoyed visiting South Norwood Country Park to collect natural materials to build their own three little pigs houses.

Year 1: This week, Year 1 have focused on bubbles as part of their Science Week investigations. They started by testing out which bubble mixture was the best using criteria such as longest lasting bubble and biggest bubbles. They then made adverts for the best bubble mixture. They were extremely bright and eye catching. On Thursday, parents were invited in to make their own bubble mixture and we enjoyed finding which material made the best bubble wands. Everyone had so much fun playing with the bubbles.

Year 2: During Science Week, Year 2 have been continuing their Habitat theme and have designed and built micro-habitats for small animals and mini-beasts. They also went to the Country Park with some parents to go on a micro-habitat hunt. They searched for clues by looking at how the ground or plants may have been rearranged by an animal to make a nest. They looked for nibbled leaves to see if anything had been feeding there and they searched for signs of digging or holes that could be the entrances to dens or warrens. The children have also conducted experiments to research the absorbency of a variety of paper towels. They then wrote a consumer review based on the data they collected.

Year 3: Year 3 have had a great week investigating toothpaste and looking at what makes a good toothpaste. We then tried to create our own. We thought about the aspects we like in a toothpaste, including colour and smell. On our trip to Tower Bridge, we learnt a really surprising story about a bus that flew over the bascules while the bridge was open. We spent some time investigating how the constant speed and momentum would have helped the bus to travel over the gap in the bridge. We then learnt about aerodynamics by creating our own paper aeroplanes and investigating to see ways in which they could be more streamlined to fly better.  

Year 4: During Science Week, we were testing out Duracell’s claim that their batteries last longer than their competitors. We found out that Duracell is NOT the best battery on the market - it’s Energizer! Using these results, we created a consumer report to inform the general public of the TRUTH. We presented our data as a bar graph. In Bale house, we solved the water crisis that storm Ciara created for South Norwood residents. We have had an absolute blast during Science Week and are already excited for next year.

Year 5: Year 5 have been investigating glue and the strength of different adhesives. We have been using different glues to stick hooks onto a base wood, then hanging different weights to the hooks to test their strength. They have had great fun coordinating themselves and working out which glues are best for different situations.

Year 6: Year 6 became detectives to find out who stole Miss Glencross' sandwich. The children went around taking fingerprints and shoe prints to try to work out who stole the sandwich. They also had to decode a secret message and look at hair samples left behind at the crime scene. After speaking to eyewitnesses and analysing the biometrics found, they worked out that the culprit was none other than Mrs Child!