Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Leavers Book 2020


"Thank you to the Oasis Academy Ryelands staff for all you have done in making my primary school life a positive journey, even through my ups and downs. I am happy to have been a part of this school. I will take all of my memories with me to my next stage of my education.

To all my friends I have met in the time I have been here, I wish you all well." - Kaniel H

"I liked playing with Emil, Micah and more because they are special to me. My favourite moment in school was going on the residential trip. I also liked practicing for my SATs and spending time with my friends. My favourite teachers were Mrs Shukla and Miss Glencross, because they strived to make me the best I can be. I am going to enjoy looking back at the fun times I had in primary school." - Joshua K

"We may be apart, but we are always together in our hearts." - Bethan E

"My favourite memory is of when all the classes were togetherπŸ₯°" - Francesca L

"Thank you Miss Glencross, for teaching me and helping me when I didn't know what to do." - Mareeqah K

"I liked going to the London eye and doing different jobs at Kidzania. They were really fun trips 😎" - Marcel M

"My favourite memory from school was our trip to Kidzania because it was fun and we did so many fun things. I'll miss this school." - Taesiah N

"Thank you to all of my teachers for supporting me through my highs and lows at Ryelands. Mrs Shukla, Miss Glencross and Mr Lillo, I wish you all the best for the future and thank you for being the best teachers and support I could have asked for. Thank you Recaina, for helping me, and supporting me.

Wishing all my friends at Ryelands the best future, especially Emil from my class. He has been a good friend throughout my time at Ryelands and I couldn't be more grateful." - Raymond R

"I loved a lot of things about this school, especially my friends Christopher, Maisey, Ketayah, Jazara, Henry and La’marion, these people got me through all the hard times and so did many more. My favourite teachers were Mrs Francis, Miss Champion and Mrs Shukla, and I thank them for teaching me so much. I will miss you all xxx

I wish everyone good luck in the future xx πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’«" - Myalei D

"My favourite memory of school is starting at Nursery and then moving to Reception, where I met most of my friends that are still here today in Year 6. My favourite teachers were Mrs Francis, Mrs Shukla, Mrs Akintunde and my Teaching Assistant Mrs Drury. Thank you for all the work and support that you have given me. I have enjoyed my school years and I will miss all my friends and hope they have a great time at secondary school."- Kieran A

"I will miss you all so much! Thank you to all my teachers for helping me and always supporting me. I'm really sad to leave primary school, I will miss all the fun times we had together. I had the best primary school years and that's all because of you. All the relationships we have built is something that will never break apart. I have made so many friends in all years and I'm really appreciative about it. I'm super sad that I will have to go and sadly say goodbye, I will hopefully see you again one day! I will miss each and everyone of you!πŸ’–πŸ§Έ" - Urte K

"Year 6 has been a strange year, but there has been some fun. I would like to thank all the teachers who have taught me throughout my years at Oasis Ryelands and all my friends. They know who they are. I wish everyone good luck in secondary school. :) xx"- Maisey E

"I've been at Ryelands since Reception and I've made loads of friends over the years. Two of my best friends would probably be Tychannai and Heidi as I've known them for the longest. I do wish that all my teachers were here but sadly they've left. I've really enjoyed being with all my teachers throughout the years, Year 4 we did have some ups and downs but overall it was good. Two of my favourite teachers are Mrs Shukla and Miss Glencross. In Year 5, Mrs Shukla was the type of teacher where she could come on your level and understand and help you, that's one thing I always liked about her. I will miss Ryelands, I'll definitely come back and visit!

To all my classmates, I'll really miss you guys, but hold your heads up high, don't let anyone step over you and good luck in the future! Even though this year we missed out on a lot of exciting things, thank you for such an amazing time here and I will miss you all xx"- Gabby A


"I joined Ryelands in Year 3 and gained lots of friends, but one of my best of friends is Heidi. Not only are we very similar, but we both got the opportunity to do Super Movers for Crystal Palace. I have enjoyed working with all of my teachers, but one that really stands out is Miss Glencross, as she does lots of Art and PE with my class. I will miss all the familiar faces and I wish everyone success in the future" - Summer B

"I will never forget this year as it had its up and downs. I will always remember Ryelands and I will miss the people who helped me get through my primary school life from Year 3 to Year 6." - Jewelle A

"To all my friends, you guys will forever be in my heart. Always hold your head up high and never let anything or anyone get in the way of you being you." - Tychannai T

"I would like to say thank you to all my Teachers and Teaching Assistants. I'm going to miss everyone at Ryelands so much and will definitely come and visit πŸ˜‚" - Heidi P

"I had the best time, but COVID made everything worse (I still liked that I got to stay home)" - Serafim V

"Have a fun adventure." - Malik D

"I have had a good time at Ryelands, I will miss Mrs Shukla and Miss Glencross. I want to thank you for giving me lots of great memories, such as making me face my fears of heights and boats. I learned so much from you guys and I hope that soon I can come and visit you when the school reopens. I would also like thank the other teachers and staff for being helpful and supportive when I have needed it." - Jaydon D

"The journey through Oasis Academy Ryelands was like a dream come true, my memories will always be stored deep in my heart. Thank you everybody!!!" - Dinakshan S

"I joined Ryelands in Year 3, Mr Seaward was my first teacher and a very fun one at that!! πŸ€“ Year 4 wasn't a great year, but I had fun at Frylands!!😳 Year 5 with Mrs Shukla was my best year. Thank you for being really lovely, amazing, funny, fair, and easy to talk to, I will really miss you πŸ₯°. Joining Year 6 was nerve wracking, but I've had a fab time thanks to Miss Glencross...πŸ˜‡. A special thank you to to the wonderful Ms Petch who has always looked after me, I will miss her lovely cuddles 😍. Coach Marcus is the bestest PE teacher ever! Thank you for always being fun and keeping me fit!! 🦸🏾‍♂️

I will miss all my friends in the school and would like to wish everyone good luck in secondary school and for the future 😘. Gabby and Francesca, my BFF's, thank you for an amazing year πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³" - Rihanna C

"Fun, smart, hard working, funny, creative, caring, kind and loud; all words that could describe my class. There are so many words in the dictionary, yet I can’t find the right ones to say goodbye. I will miss all of you! 
My years at Ryelands wouldn’t have been the same without my best friends Myalei, Maisey and Christopher. I wont forget my amazing teachers, I’ve had Miss Champion, Mrs Francis, Miss Spring and Mrs Shukla. 2020 will be an unforgettable year. Good luck and thank you! πŸ€—" - Jazara P-L

"To all the Oasis teachers, thank you so much for looking after me, teaching me, laughing with me and making my life at school an amazing time. If I could stay longer at Ryelands, I would, but sadly I have to move on. Keep doing what you're doing because you're doing great things in our lives" - Micah E

"My favourite memory of Year 6 was when we cut open a pig heart! I am going to miss my friends and my favourite teacher, Mrs Shukla, because she has done many fun things with us. At least I can still keep in contact with my friends. I am going to miss Alexis, Shaneisa, Maisey and the rest of the class"- Tolu F

"I have been in the school for so long, I love everyone here. Thank you"- Khalif LG

"I will really miss this school, because of my wonderful friends. I'll miss my friends and the trips"- Taesiah N